An enjoyable way to come to closure at the end of a year is to make a map of the year on a poster board, flip chart paper, or big old carboard box.  The result is a collection of reflections that captures some of the key highlights of the year.  If you have a partner or family, this can be a great exercise for everyone to do together, but it’s also a lovely practice to do on our own.

To get started, spend some time privately responding to some of the prompts listed below. Then capture your items on paper.  The following prompts might help you get moving with this exercise, but you don’t need to answer every item and you may want to work with your own ideas.  You can work your answers into linear lists or make creative drawings and images – whatever visual style you prefer.

This process can serve as a scrapbook of the year’s memories and highlights. It can also provide guidance for the year ahead, as you reflect on the choices, priorities and actions during the year and what you want to change as you move forward.

Reflect on the following items:

  1. Favorite trip, vacation or adventure
  2. Memorable moment with each of your family members
  3. Most important accomplishment (personal – professional)
  4. Most important task/project left unfinished
  5. Healthiest lifestyle change you made (Uh-Oh)
  6. Most supportive person outside your immediate family and an example of what he/she did to support you
  7. Favorite gathering (conference, party, etc. . .)
  8. A way in which you expressed your creativity
  9. Book which gave you meaningful guidance about your life
  10. Most important contribution you made to move the world in the right direction
  11. A charity or organization whose work you supported
  12. Biggest regret (sigh)
  13. A gift/service you received that made your day (week/year)
  14. Most important thing you learned
  15. Greatest sadness or loss
  16. Something that happened in the world that you find encouraging
  17. Greatest physical accomplishment
  18. Something you did to encourage someone who was struggling

The past year will have many treasures and teachings to offer us, but only if we search for them.

With best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Gregg Krech is the author of several best-selling books on Self-Reflection and Taking Action. Join him for the Living on Purpose 30 day online program starting on January 8, 2024.

Photo Credit: Yewenyi



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