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Online Training in Japanese Psychology

Feb. 27, Mar. 6 and 13, 2021

For the past 30 years the ToDo Institute has been conducting Residential Certification Programs in Japanese Psychology at our 12 acre center in Vermont.  Since we will not be able to hold a residential program this year, we have designed a 3-day online version of the first segment of the program, which we are delighted to offer.

Working with your Attention

April 11 – May 11, 2021

This month-long adventure offers an ingenious way of enhancing mindfulness, solving problems, and revitalizing your life. We will provide you with the tools, structure and support to develop greater mindfulness in your personal and professional life. Each day of the month you will work with your attention in a deliberate, focused, and interesting way.

A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness

Sept. 11 – Oct. 11, 2021

During this month-long program, we will explore how to coexist with our internal experience, work with our attention, live with purpose, develop acceptance and practice self-reflection. The curriculum of the course spans the practical, the psychological and the spiritual. These dimensions are woven together throughout the course in the same way that they are woven together in our real lives. The program is broad enough to be widely relevant, and deep enough to offer new discoveries, as our lives continue to change and unfold over time.

Living Fully with Illness

Oct. 14 – Nov. 13, 2021

The program utilizes humor; curiosity; creativity; engagement in meaningful activities and expanding our attention to include the wonder of small joys and risk-taking (not recklessness).

The program is taught by Trudy Boyle, program coordinator for the ToDo Institute’s new Living Fully with Illness project. Trudy is the former project Director of Wellspring Calgary, a cancer resource center and has been working with cancer patients for 12 years and Japanese Psychology for the past 28 years.

You are invited to join us for our annual Gratitude, Grace and a Month of Self-Reflection sponsored by the ToDo Institute. This is a distance learning program which gives you an opportunity to integrate the practice of self-reflection into your daily life. The program is based primarily on Naikan and Naikan-related exercises, but also draws on material and ideas of Albert Schweitzer, Ben Franklin, and others whose work emphasized the importance of quiet self-reflection. Many of us believe that it is important to take time for quiet reflection, but we don’t do it because our lives are so busy.


This new program is exclusive for those impacted by a serious illness or health challenge. It is an opportunity to take a fresh look at our lives through the lens of a study group, as opposed to a support group. What does this mean?

Residential Programs

Residential Certification Program

Monkton, Vermont

Sept. 18 – 27, 2020

The Residential Certification Program is a comprehensive educational experience within an engaged community setting, providing training and practice in Japanese Psychology.  This program is conducted by Gregg Krech, a leading expert on Japanese Psychology.  (Please note: this program is required for the certification process*)


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