We invite you to join us for a 30-day online program
May 20 – June 19, 2021

with Linda Anderson Krech
Stephanie Beling, M.D., and Susan Lebel Young


Food is one of our most basic common denominators.  We’ve all made decisions about food each day of our lives.  We all answer the same questions:  what should I eat, when should I eat, how much should I eat . . .   These questions are woven into the fabric of our lives.  One way or another, either impulsively or deliberately, we answer these questions every day.

And the questions form a koan for many of us — not a koan that is passed on from zen teacher to student, but a life koan that arises spontaneously and naturally from the very real circumstances of our lives.  Koans are riddles or puzzles that cannot be solved logically or directly.  They are solved by wrestling with them in creative ways, by looking for open windows and back doors that may shed some new light, and may allow us greater access to the solution.

In this program, Solving the Food Koan, we will explore a wide spectrum of issues that will help us look freshly at food.  We will come at it from all directions and tease it apart, we’ll step back for perspective and move in for focus.  And hopefully, through our efforts, we’ll unravel some important truths about the world and about ourselves in the process. 



  • EXPERIMENT with your eating habits, using the principles of Japanese Psychology, one bite at a time.  Each day of the program will provide an experiential practice for you to work with, related to food.  And each practice will offer a new opportunity to experiment, explore, and expand your relationship with food.
  • STUDY material that will inspire, inform and empower you to make purposeful food choices that support your health and wellbeing.  You will have access to thought-provoking resources through the course website.  These materials will provide knowledge, perspective, and stimulating ideas, to support your efforts throughout the month.
  • CONNECT with other program participants from around the world as we share successes, struggles, recipes, songs, and our love of food with each other.   This network provides diverse voices, experiences and perspectives, as well as a strong sense of camaraderie as we make our way through the month together.



Our programs attract a broad range of people from all across the world.  Some participants are specifically seeking experience and knowledge about  Japanese Psychology, and others are primarily drawn to the themes of our programs.  Either way, all participants benefit from the blending of Japanese psychological principles and practices, as they relate to the topic at hand, in this case . . . food.

Participants may be trying to lose weight, become healthier, or just more deliberate about their food choices.  They may want to rethink their diet, cut down on sugar, or start eating more whole foods.  Though we each have our own food path, this program will offer relevant and empowering material for everyone.



LINDA ANDERSON KRECH, LICSW, has been Program Director of the ToDo Institute since 1998.  She is the author of Little Dreams Come True: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Parenting, and a frequent contributor to Thirty Thousand Days: A Journal for Purposeful Living.  Linda has woven the principles of Japanese Psychology into this innovative approach to working skillfully and mindfully with food.

STEPHANIE BELING, M.D., is the author of Power Foods: Good Food, Good Health with Phytochemicals, Nature’s Own Energy Boosters. Stephanie is now retired and living in Lenox Massachusetts where she is a well-known functional medicine and nutritional expert. A major part of her medical practice was at Canyon Ranch in the Berkshires. She received her Certification in Japanese Psychology from the ToDo Institute in 2018.

SUSAN LEBEL YOUNG, MSED, MSC is the author of three books, including Food Fix: Ancient Nourishment for Modern Hungers.   Sue has worked as a psychotherapist for more than fifteen years, integrating mindfulness, yoga, and her own healing journey with food into her work with clients and students.  Sue writes a column, Life Unwound, for a local Maine newspaper.  



As a ToDo Institute Member — $78
  As a non-member — $93

As an alumnus of the program
— 50% discount for both members and non-members 



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