I’ve just finished conducting a nine day residential training in Japanese Psychology at the ToDo Institute in Vermont. During portions of the training we put up a large piece of flip chart paper in order to create a Thank You – Sorry board. The image you see in front of you is an example of such a board after it’s been filled in. The process is really very simple. The top half of the board is reserved for notes of thanks from one person to another. The bottom half of the board is reserved for notes of apology. Throughout the day, people can walk up to the board and grab a marker and scribble a short note, either thanking someone or apologizing to them. As the board gets filled in, it becomes a record of some of the acts of kindness that have taken place that day.

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  1. Margaret McKenzie 12 years ago

    Hi Gregg,

    Thanks for posting this video today. This board seems like a skillful tool to use with a group. And it just so happens that earlier today I was thinking ” what sort of idea from Japanese Psychology can I take to this group this afternoon?” I’m beginning 12 weeks of coaching an intern as she works with seven young adults – ages 17 – 21 in a government funded jobs readiness program. They will be together 5 days a week doing computer training, GED, job coaching and then interviewing for jobs. The Friday group will provide leadership skills, provide a planning time for a group service project and also be a space to work on their relationships with each other and address issues that come up during the week. This board seems like a perfect way to introduce the whole idea of noticing what it is you notice in relationship to others and to practice expressing thanks and regret.
    Thank you again for this simple tool.


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