The Power of Attention

Many years ago I worked with an art therapist named Christine at a state psychiatric hospital. I still remember her quite well, partly because I was so envious of her. While I was floundering and a bit lonely at the time, she had a sweet husband, two thriving kids, a beautiful house, and a job that she valued. “My dream has come true” she told me one day. “I am living my dream. In fact,…

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RESILIENCE: The Art of Getting Back Up

Whether you are a fan of football or not, one thing is very obvious if you watch the game for even a few minutes.  You will notice that players are continually getting knocked to the ground and, almost every time, are getting back up.  Sometimes it may take a while.  Sometimes they may need help.  Sometimes they may leave the game temporarily.  But they nearly always get back up. We all know what it’s like…

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The Reality of How We Were Loved; The Illusion We Should Have Been Loved More and Better

how we love

“As long as we hold fast to our ideal of what we deserve from the world, we blind ourselves to the gifts we are receiving. We look back on our childhood and notice what could have been done for us and given to us, that we think would have made us happier. The gap between our reality and our ideal of what it should have been like attracts our attention like a magnet. But to…

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Finding Your Purpose by Taking Action

rosa-parks-wisdom web quote

“I was just trying to get home from work.” – Rosa Parks For many years my family attended an inspiring event celebrating Martin Luther King, Jr. at Middlebury College. The format of the celebration alternates inspiring Gospel music, sung by a 60 person choir, with excerpts from King’s speeches and sermons. Several years ago, because of the death of Rosa Parks, they included a reading of hers as well, one in which she described, in…

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What To Give Up

by Trudy Boyle A year or so ago I was visiting friends with two young children and was struck by their clarity of purpose around parenting. They had made conscious decisions on what would need to change in their daily lives in order to have time to nurture their children in body, mind and spirit. “We no longer spend as much time keeping a meticulous house,” he said, “because we want more time for our…

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Procrastination Disguisesd as Busyness

The meditation teacher Eknath Easwaren talks about how people have energy only when it comes to things they like. If you enjoy painting, or playing music, or a good novel, you can get lost in what you’re doing and stay up for hours doing it. But if we have the opposite reaction to a task — if we don’t like it — then even a five minute phone call or ten minutes to write a…

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The Building Blocks of Purpose

Building Blocks of Purpose

 Gifts: What do you have to offer? You have an interview scheduled, with God or Buddha, or some higher power. The World is hiring – so what job will you do? You have unique gifts, talent and skills. You have a unique history. You have something to offer that makes you an attractive candidate. What is it?  The World’s Hunger: There is no shortage of need in the world – disease, climate change, war, refugees.…

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Subscribe to the ToDo Institute’s Quote of the Week * indicates required Email Address * First Name Many of us feel compelled to celebrate our good fortune at New Year’s. We want to recognize the significance of the moment in some way, whether we are alone or with others. One possibility that can bring beauty and meaning to the transition is to create some quiet time to pause and reflect. Pause to take inventory. Pause…

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