Working with your Attention | Oct. 20 – Nov. 19, 2023


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Working with Your Attention

with Gregg Krech

Oct. 20 – Nov. 19, 2023

This month-long adventure offers an ingenious way of enhancing mindfulness, solving problems, and revitalizing your life. We will provide you with the tools, structure and support to develop greater mindfulness in your personal and professional life. Each day of the month you will work with your attention in a deliberate, focused, and interesting way.

In addition to the experiential component of the program, you will have support materials to study and enjoy, and the opportunity to interact with a global community of people who are also studying and exploring the issue of attention in their lives.  The program includes online resources, as well as a digital issue of the audio program, Life is a Matter of Attention by Gregg Krech.

The program is conducted by award-winning author, Gregg Krech, Director of the ToDo Institute.

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