A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness

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Japanese Psychology and the Skills We Need for Psychological and Spiritual Health by Gregg Krech


Many models of Western Psychotherapy work toward developing insight as a primary objective and focus on challenging the content of your thoughts. In A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness, Gregg Krech asserts that psychological health has more to do with skillful means, and cultivating healthy habits and practices.  Drawing on the principles of Japanese Psychology and Eastern Wisdom, Krech identifies four key skills that can be learned – acceptance, attention, coexisting with unpleasant feelings, and self-reflection.  These skills are developed through practice – like playing the piano – not by talking. Becoming “skillful” is how we can learn to cope effectively with anxiety, depression, anger, shyness and just about any challenge that we encounter as our life unfolds.  Mastering these skills can help us live a more meaningful life, while also being a bridge to spiritual life.

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Gregg Krech

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