Residential Certification Program with Gregg Krech

The Residential Certification Program in Japanese Psychology, conducted by Gregg Krech, provides our most comprehensive educational opportunity.

The program will be held at the ToDo Institute, in Monkton, VT, from Sept. 24 – 30, 2023.

For the next 2 weeks (until May 31st), we will provide an EarlyBird Travel Discount of $150 if you live more than 300 miles from the ToDo Institute!

Join us for an extraordinary learning experience that will inform the rest of your life.

You will be strengthened by the study of deep wisdom, within a community of kindred travelers while surrounded by nature’s beauty.

You will reflect on your life and revitalize your plans for moving forward.

“Prepare for lots of inspiring teachings and thoughtful talks that reach down into the depth of your being.  Expect many lively debates that make you come alive 100%, experimental cuisine on a daily basis, very interesting dinner table conversations indeed, tons of warmth and support from the people around you, a good deal of subtle and sometimes less subtle guidance by Linda and Gregg.  Don’t hesitate a second to register for it.  It’s money and time very well spent.” — Barbara Buri, Switzerland

This rigorous, experiential program will support you both personally and professionally.

The ToDo Institute Residential Certification Program is a comprehensive educational opportunity, providing training and practice in two methods of Japanese Psychology, Morita Therapy and Naikan.

The program is unique in its design, structure and content.  Participants live in community with one another during the six days of the program, putting the principles of Morita Therapy and Naikan into practice day by day, and discovering what that means for them as individuals and in relation to others.

What our Participants Are Saying

Robert Strayhan, MD | Texarkana, TX

The ToDo Institute continues to be a hidden gem for me. Having done the Naikan retreat and now the Residential Certification Program, I continue to grow in my personal,spiritual and professional lives. As an allopathic physician who is seeking to provide integrative care, I would recommend this course and the wonderful experiences that can be gained from attendance, to all physicians who are looking at a more patient/person centered care.


Carol O’Dowd, MPA, M.Div., MI | Arvada, CO

Thank you for making an intense certification training program such a joyful learning experience. The week after the training, I led a short introduction to Naikan and because of your training, I was able to share on the spot a practice that helped a woman proceed with restoring relations in her family. Thank you for making a certification program that guides us on how to share Naikan and Morita techniques in ways that others can use to benefit their lives.

What You Can Expect

  • A beautiful quiet setting conducive to self-reflection
  • Highly qualified teachers with a broad range of experience
  • Healthy and delicious vegetarian meals that you will help to prepare
  • Daily period of morning meditation and evening self-reflection
  • Daily exercise and work periods to help strengthen your body and mind
  • Access to a comprehensive library of books and materials on our work that have been assembled over the past 20 years
  • Daily, personalized individual instruction tailored to your own goals, questions and challenges
  • Camaraderie, music, challenge and laughter

Click/mouse over the boxes below to see what the course offers!

Coping with Feelings

Coping with Feelings

  • the body’s influence on the mind
  • determining what is controllable
  • understanding the nature of feelings
  • activating the senses in the moment
  • shifting attention

Building our Dreams

Building our Dreams

  • clarifying purpose
  • changing habits
  • developing self-discipline
  • coping with feelings

Mental Wellness Skills

Mental Wellness Skills

  • coexisting with feelings
  • clarifying purpose
  • working with attention
  • practicing self-reflection
  • taking constructive action

Strengthening Relationships

Strengthening Relationships

  • softening our hearts
  • practicing self-reflection
  • taking responsibility
  • resolving conflicts
  • addressing self-righteousness

Special Applications

Special Applications

  • weight loss
  • addictions
  • marriage
  • parenting
  • mental or physical illness

Credit toward Certification in Japanese Psychology

In order to complete the Residential Certification program and gain credit toward certification, you will need to successfully complete the six day program, which includes a follow-up independent project.  Once the requirements have been completed, we will award 64 credits toward Certification in Japanese Psychology.

This program is a required component of the certification process.


Tuition, Room & Board:   $1050
Please note that this price may vary, based on membership status and date of payment.
A $250 deposit is required to reserve a space in the program.

If you would like to attend the program but cannot afford to do so, call to speak with us:  802-453-4440.

or call us at

(802) 453-4440

Teaching Staff

GREGG KRECH is widely recognized as one of the leading authorities on Japanese Psychology in North America.  Over the past 25 years, Krech has introduced the principles of Japanese Psychology, particularly Morita Therapy, Naikan, and Kaizen, to thousands of people through his workshops, speaking engagements, online courses and retreats.  

He is the author of numerous popular books, including Naikan: Gratitude, Grace & the Japanese Art of Self-Reflection, The Art of Taking Action, Question Your Life, Tunneling for Sunlight and A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness.  

Blending the psychological, the practical and the spiritual, Gregg Krech promotes values such as gratitude, acceptance, mindfulness, compassion, constructive action and purposeful living.  He currently lives in Vermont with his wife (with occasional visits from his two college daughters). He enjoys writing haiku, baking bread and playing blues piano.


LINDA ANDERSON KRECH has been studying, practicing and teaching Japanese Psychology since 1988.  She helped to found the ToDo Institute with her husband, Gregg in 1992 and has served on the board or staff since its inception.  With a lifelong interest in alternative and holistic medicine, Linda has embraced Japanese Psychology as an alternative to conventional Western approaches to mental health.

As a licensed social worker, Linda has extensive experience applying the principles of Japanese Psychology to those who have serious mental illness through her work as director of a psychiatric rehabilitation program.  She also has a special interest in the application of Japanese Psychology to parenting, relationships and food.

Linda is the author of Little Dreams Come True: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Parenting, and is a regular contributor to Thirty Thousand Days.  She loves biking, calligraphy, trees, vegetarian cuisine, and studying the wisdom of the ages.


TRUDY BOYLE considers the principles of Japanese Psychology, Morita, Naikan and Meaningful Life Therapy to be her operating system. She has been studying and practicing with this material for 28 years and during this past decade has focused on working with cancer patients and others dealing with chronic illness.

As former Program Director of Wellspring Calgary, she helped implement many programs that complement Dr. Itami’s Meaningful Life Therapy guidelines. In this vein she is now creating online materials for those interested in living more fully with illness.

Her association with the ToDo Institute reaches back to their beginnings and she has filled a variety of roles from past president of the board, assistant editor of Thirty Thousand Days, writer, and team member.

“Retire” is not part of her vocabulary and her special interests are her grandchildren, aging well, photography, life-long learning and cycling.


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