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In a different kind of world, we might not need to learn how to be so efficient, productive and disciplined. But in this world, with all the complexities and demands that are woven into the fabric of everyday life, we are often pushed, from within and without, to take care of the business of life in a timely and effective way.

Fortunately, there are many good strategies and tools out there for getting ourselves organized and for staying on task and, thanks to the internet, they are at our fingertips. Here’s a summary of several of the popular methods. But unfortunately, that’s not all we need. Though the tools and systems may be solid, our follow through with them often is not. Life is jam-packed with unpredictables and unexpecteds, and we are vulnerable to distractions of every sort. We’re not robots, and life is not simple.

But having said that, there’s plenty we can learn to help us get where we want to go and to arrive there on time. Much of it has to do with our feelings. Learning how to coexist with feelings, including our desires and aversions, can make a huge difference. With practice, we can make decisions based on our purpose and our plans, rather than being vulnerable to the whims of our internal experiences as it rises and falls over time.

The ToDo Institute has created a distance learning program called Taking Action to help us strengthen our skills in this important arena. The program provides practical opportunities to study the principles of Morita Therapy as they relate to procrastination and getting things done. You will have access to readings on the subject and an online discussion with others around the country during the course of the month. And it’s all framed around your own special project that you commit to – something that you‘ve been meaning to get around to for some time and that you’ll tackle as part of the program.

So the program provides education, opportunities for practice and the structure and support to make progress with a project that you care about. Please join us for a month-long adventure in getting things done. It can make a real difference in the way you live your life and the things you accomplish during the remainder of your thirty thousand days. You can register here or call 800-950-6034 for further information.

Taking Action Distance Learning Program


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