We are about to start our course on A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness based on Japanese Psychology (starting Friday, Sept.17).  It’s a skills-based approach to mental health.  And the first skill is acceptance.

Video: ‘Today, I would like to talk a little bit about acceptance. Acceptance is one of the four key skills I discuss in my book, A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness. But exactly what is acceptance? And why is it important? Many of us spend a great deal of time and energy trying to exert control over our lives. We want things to go according to what we think works best. So we try to get everything to fall into place according to our wishes. We try to control other people in our work and family situations. We try to control our health. We try to control our schedule. We even try to control our feeling state.”

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  1. David 11 years ago

    Thanks Gregg – informative video giving a little more detail on the key skill of acceptance. Thank you.

  2. Jay Bender 11 years ago

    i really like this talk on acceptance and it simply makes sense. I will work to be more accepting.


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