by Gregg Krech

 You will not find happiness on the path of Self-Preoccupation.

You need to abandon that ship.

Your life raft is called ATTENTION.

It will take you to freedom on the sea of CURIOSITY.
It will open your heart on the ocean of COMPASSION.
It will connect you with others on the tide of PRESENCE.

Where you direct your attention
will determine your experience of life.

If all you notice are sharks, you will simply travel
in circles of anxiety.

Awareness of the blue sky
and the sun
and the breeze
keeps you afloat.

Learning to work with your attention is like learning to swim.

When you no longer fear the water
you are free to travel
wherever the current
carries you.

Gregg Krech will be the instructor for the upcoming program, Working with your Attention, from April 11 – May 11, 2022.  (Early Registration discount available through April 2nd.)  Gregg is the Director of the ToDo Institute and author of numerous books, including the best seller, The Art of Taking Action: Lessons from Japanese Psychology.

Your Life Raft



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