Emerging from the Sand: How to Stay on Track with What Really Matters
by Gregg Krech

During our Living on Purpose course we surveyed the participants and found that nearly 80% struggled with distraction. Early in the course we talk about the metaphor of a vase with sand and big rocks (Covey, 1994). The big rocks are the things that are truly important. These are the tasks, activities and projects that give our lives meaning. The sand represents the numerous activities that dominate our time, ranging from cooking meals to walking the dog. For most of us, there is so much sand that it can easily fill the vase. And it does. And when it does, there isn’t any room for the big rocks. So at the end of the month (or year, or decade) we look back and find that we managed to stay afloat, but the things that really mattered received little or no attention. Somehow we need a way to get those big rocks into our vase.

Several years ago my wife Linda and I sat on the deck of the ToDo Institute...

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