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Many of us feel compelled to celebrate our good fortune at New Year’s. We want to recognize the significance of the moment in some way, whether we are alone or with others. One possibility that can bring beauty and meaning to the transition is to create some quiet time to pause and reflect. Pause to take inventory. Pause to think about what transpired during the past year. Pause to see what we can learn.

Self-reflection is a powerful process and, for most of us, a missing piece in our lives. We’ve very busy. We’re tired. We look for rest through books, beds, television and facebook. The idea of spending time quietly reflecting on the past year may seem strange. But as we transition to a new year, we have a wonderful opportunity to turn around and see what we can learn from the unfolding of our own lives.

Here’s our 29-page guide, Naikan Reflection for the New Year, which you can download for free. Have a wonderful year filled with good health and many new adventures!

  • Linda and Gregg, ToDo Institute


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