tom-wujec-got-a-wicked-problem-first-tell-me-how-you-make-toastWe all struggle with tricky, sticky problems from time to time. Often we just play around with these problems in our own head — thinking them through, turning them around and inside out, taking them apart and putting them back together — and all too often we end up just where we began. Adding other people to the process doesn’t always help and can, in fact, make the waters even muddier.

In this TED talk, Tom Wujec, a global leader in 3D design, describes an action-oriented process for solving problems that is fascinating and promising. He shows us how to make our problem-solving process both visible and tangible, as well as collaborative. There’s so much to learn about ourselves through this process, and about collaborating with others. Let us know what happens when you give this a go!

Click here for the presentation.



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