Most of us aspire to be generous. We write tax-deductible checks at the end of the year. We volunteer at the local food shelf. We do what we can while devoting ourselves to those in our inner circle of loved ones. But Zell Kravinsky goes about it differently.

Zell gives with a kind of passion that raises questions and eyebrows. Giving is not something he squeezes into the margins of his life. It’s square and center, it’s what makes him tick, his raison d’êtret. And while everyone can agree on how extreme he is, there’s great controversy about why he does what he does. He’s a saint. He’s a martyr. He’s a troubled man.

But regardless of how you interpret his actions, you may be inspired by the courage and resolve he demonstrates as he follows the convictions of his own heart. (This video is long, but watching even a few minutes might give your mind and heart a good workout. What do you make of his challenging and thought-provoking message?)



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