Disasters can bring out the best in people or the worst in people. Here in Vermont there is already a great community effort going on to rebuild homes, roads, bridges and businesses that were destroyed by the floods caused by Hurricane Irene. I recently heard that in Japan, about $78 million dollars in cash was found and returned to the people who lost it. This included $30 million dollars found in private safes that were washed away by tsunami. People can act with great integrity and compassion, even during moments of devastation. We should be inspired by such acts to overcome our own self-centered perspective and consider the needs of other people.

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  1. Linda Anderson Krech 13 years ago

    How do we respond to the vulnerability of others? Whether the result of a natural disaster, a family tragedy, or illness, we all have encounters with others who are in a vulnerable state from time to time. Allowing ourselves to be touched by vulnerability is so important. There will always be people to take advantage of those who are in a weakened state, but we can make a point of slowing down, softening our hearts, and extending ourselves in such situations.


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