Arugamama: The Challenge of Acceptance
by Gregg Krech

Morita Therapy is sometimes referred to as the "Psychology of Action" and most people use it as a tool for getting things done. But there is a less obvious, and especially profound side to Morita therapy that addresses a very different issue—the difficulty many of us have with simply accepting things as they are. The term Arugamama was used by Morita to describe the state of accepting "things as they are." Acceptance was the best way to respond to one's own psychological and emotional flow of thoughts and feelings. In essence, we stop trying to fix our internal experience and by doing so we can discover our authentic nature. But the value of acceptance goes far beyond acceptance of our thoughts and feelings. Most strong-willed people consistently try to control the external conditions of life. In some cases these external conditions can be controlled; but in other cases (for example, the weather) they cannot be controlled. Perha...

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