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There are few things more challenging than trying to sustain a long-term intimate relationship. Generally, we think of the challenges as money, sex, kids, in-laws, fidelity and habits. Most marital problems fall into one or more of these categories.

But if you are willing to consider your relationship as an element of your own spiritual practice, then I would like to offer you a different framework for the challenges in your relationship.

1. The Challenge of Acceptance
Letting go of trying to control how life unfolds and accepting your partner rather than trying to fix him or her;
2. The Challenge of Co-existing with Your Thoughts and Feelings (without acting on them)
Developing the self-discipline to have a roller coaster of thoughts and feelings on the inside without necessarily acting on them;
3. The Challenge of Skillful Attention
Cultivating an authentic sense of gratitude by noticing how you are supported and cared for, rather than what aggravates you;
4. The Challeng...

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