Finish Strong

This is the last day of January.  Amazing, isn’t it?  One day it’s the first day of the New Year, and suddenly (it seems) it’s the end of the first month.

Have you stayed with your New Year’s resolutions?  Have you lived up to your expectations and hopes for starting the new year?  If not, join the club.  It’s a big club!

One of the things we do in this club is try to finish strong.  Finishing strong — a race, a month, a work project, an artistic endeavor — changes our experience of our effort.  Which is also true about finishing weak.

So your challenge today is finishing the month of January STRONG.

What does that mean for you?  It means picking something important, meaningful or challenging and making some kind of worthwhile effort today.

  • Consider your roles.  If you have neglected a particular role for a while, finishing strong may be writing a letter, sending a gift, or even just making a phone call.
  • Consider the highlights you have hopes for during 2017. Is there some action you can take to move things forward?
  • Consider your talent and gifts.  Can you do something to exercise those gifts or develop them further?
  • Consider What Really Matters.  Can you take some action that demonstrates to the world what really matters to you?

You’ll need to carve out some time.  You’ll need to leave something undone.  It might be Facebook, the TV, the dishes or the laundry.

Set aside whatever time you can and finish this month strong.

What you choose to do, and not do, today will become your karma, your history.


Gregg Krech will be teaching the annual course, Taking Action: Finishing the Unfinished and Starting the Unstarted, beginning Feb. 19, 2024 .  This program is both practical and inspiring.  Take on that project you’ve been meaning to do, and get it done, with help from the program structure and camaraderie.  Gregg Krech has been teaching Japanese Psychology for over 30 years.  His Taking Action book, used in this program, is an Amazon best-seller.


Photo Credit: By Fanny Schertzer – Own work, CC BY 3.0,




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