For the past 30 years we have been conducting a comprehensive educational program, the Residential Certification Programs in Japanese Psychology, at the ToDo Institute in Vermont.  This program has been the cornerstone of our certification process.

Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel both the 2020 and 2021 residential programs due to the pandemic.

To compensate for this change in programming, we created a new online program, the Fundamentals of Japanese Psychology, for those who are ready to move forward with their study and practice of this empowering approach to mental wellness.

The Fundamentals Training provides a broad introduction to Japanese Psychology (Morita Therapy, Naikan and Kaizen), offering participants presentations and discussions, practical exercises and applications, diverse program resources, an online discussion forum, and the active camaraderie of an online community.

Here is some basic information about the training:


    • Nine hours of presentation and discussion via zoom conducted over three consecutive Saturdays (9am-12noon ET)  Aug. 28, Sept. 4, and Sept. 11, 2021
    • Two 40-minute individual zoom sessions with an instructor to be scheduled during September, 2021
    • Creative experiential exercises that are assigned in both group and individual sessions
    • Readings and audio/video resources that are available through the course website
    The training will provide a broad range of study themes, including:

    • Naikan self-reflection
    • The Art of Taking Action
    • Radical Relationship Wisdom
    • Working Skillfully with Your Attention
    • Morita Therapy – Applications to Daily Life
    • Purpose-centered vs Feeling-Centered Living
    • Living Fully with Illness
    The training will be conducted by three staff members, each of whom have 30+ years of personal and professional experience with this material:

Gregg Krech is the founding Director of the ToDo Institute, editor of Thirty Thousand Days, and author of five books about Japanese Psychology, including Naikan and The Art of Taking Action.  Through Gregg’s leadership during the past 30 years, the ToDo Institute has offered a broad range of online and residential programs that have been delivered to ToDo members as well as to diverse audiences around the world, including mental health practitioners, Buddhist communities, teachers and hospice workers.

Linda Anderson Krech, MSW, is the Program Director of the ToDo Institute, author of Little Dreams Come True,  and a frequent contributor to Thirty Thousand Days.  Linda developed Solving the Food Koan, a program which incorporates the spirit and practice of Japanese Psychology into the world of food and eating.  She is currently working on a book called Stepping Up to the Plate, which addresses the connection between climate change and dietary choice.

Trudy Boyle is the Director of the ToDo Institute’s Living Fully with Illness initiative, author of Ikigai and Illness, and a regular contributor to Thirty Thousand Days.  Trudy is a former program director of Wellspring Calgary and currently serves a broad community of people through webinars, blog posts and online and programs.  The joy of this work, along with her adventures with her grandchildren, are her ikigai – a reason to get up in the morning.  Trudy lives in Ottawa, Canada.

If you are ready to join us for this program, you can REGISTER HERE.

If you are interested but have some questions about the program, please contact us: / 802-453-4440

Please note that ToDo members receive a discount on program registration (along with a wealth of other ToDo benefits).   JOIN HERE if you’d like to become a member.





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