Living Fully with Illness Program

“Even though I am ill, I will not live as a sick person.”

If you are newly diagnosed or trying to cope with a challenging illness or injury, you probably realize how much energy it takes just to get through a day.  A serious health challenge can effect our energy level, our emotional state, our relationships, our mobility, our jobs and our family life.  It can create pain and exhaustion through lack of sleep.  And it’s usually accompanied by a great deal of anxiety and confusion. For many of us, our illness can be so distracting that we begin to withdraw from the activities of life that gave our lives meaning.

Perhaps you have completed a course of treatment and instead of relief, you feel lost, alone and afraid. We can help.

Living Fully with Illness is a theme that is derived from a program in Japan developed by a physician, Dr. Jinroh Itami, to help support people with cancer.  It’s grounded in many of the psychological principles of Morita Therapy. In Japan, the program is called Meaningful Life Therapy (Ikigai Ryoho, in Japanese).

It is designed for people impacted by any serious illness, as well as for those who serve as their caregivers.

We began this initiative with our first Living Fully with Illness Webinar in February and we now invite you to join our private Facebook Group, where you can meet lovely people, experienced coordinators,  and get practical tips on the application of Japanese Psychology for people living with illness.

Members of the group will have a chance to be part of a community of support with others facing health related challenges, and who also are interested in trying to live a meaningful life even as they cope with an illness.

On October 7th, 2019, the To Do Institute will sponsor a new Living Fully with Illness course taught by Trudy Boyle, the former program director of a Cancer support center in Canada who was diagnosed with breast cancer ten years ago.

The feature article in the newest issue of Thirty Thousand Days provides more details on the principles of Living Fully with Illness and describes Trudy’s own efforts to find purpose amidst the turmoil of cancer treatment. If you’re a To Do Institute member, this issue was recently sent to you by email and print copies will arrive in your mailbox shortly.

If you’re not a member or your membership has expired, please become a member and help support the work of the To Do Institute.

Down the road we plan to offer podcasts, videos, e-books, and webinars.


How Do You Become a Member of the Facebook Group?

To request acceptance into our Facebook group, simply go to the To Do Institute’s Facebook page and select Groups from the menu bar or list. You will find Living Fully with Illness. Or, this link will take you directly there. This group is only open to those with a health challenge, and people who are caregivers.

No one need face illness alone. We are better together, and in the company of others we can learn skills to help us live fully, create joyful moments, lend a helping hand, and act on what is most important. You will be welcome here.

Trudy Boyle, is now the project coordinator for the To Do Institute’s new Living Fully with Illness project. With over 25 years experience working with Japanese Therapies and the last 12 devoted to people impacted by serious illness, she is grateful to be able to expand this work based on Dr. Jinroh Itami’s, Ikigai Ryoho.


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