(In our Winter issue of Thirty Thousand Days we printed an essay from the book Strength in the Storm by Eknath Easwaran. Here is an excerpt from that essay)

Most of us live very little in the present. If we could watch our thoughts, we would be surprised to see how much time we spend in the past or future. "I don't like the way he behaved to me this morning. I wonder what she meant be that remark last summer. How am I going to face my boss when I haven't got that report done?" This is how the mind runs off, away, from the present moment.

For example, you sit down for work and soon a little part of your mind taps you on the shoulder and whispers, "Hey, we're going to a movie tonight! You almost forgot." Instead of letting your mind wander to the coming evening, bring it back to what you are doing. If you let it wander during the morning's work, it will wander in the evening too. When the time comes to see the film, you will be only partially there.

Or perhaps you are trapped in...

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