by Victoria Register-Freeman

BOARD UP! GET OUT! I received those four capitalized words in an email from the former owner of my 100 year-old Jacksonville Bed & Breakfast. With the hurricane season launching a lethal storm almost hourly, I had emailed her to see if she had any hints about ways to survive.

Carol is one of the people who shows up weekly in my Naikan reflections. She ran this B&B for 16 years before passing it on to me. She now flits around the globe but she is always quick to respond to my questions. Why does the furnace sound like a hippo in labor? What kind of breakfast is good for both a vegan and a militant South Beach dieter?

I thank the B&B deities that she is my mentor in the hospitality industry. As a former junior high school teacher, I am frequently clueless in my new world. A devotee of the Robert Kennedy school of advice giving, she always "tells it like it is." I trust her. She is not a woman who panics easily. Still, she felt a Category ...

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