• Building Blocks of Purpose
  •  Gifts:
    What do you have to offer? You have an interview scheduled, with God or Buddha, or some higher power. The World is hiring – so what job will you do? You have unique gifts, talent and skills. You have a unique history. You have something to offer that makes you an attractive candidate. What is it?

  •  The World’s Hunger:
    There is no shortage of need in the world – disease, climate change, war, refugees. And it’s not just the big issues. The hospice patient who lives at the end of your block, or the overflowing humane society with more animals than space are also expressions of the world’s needs.

  •  Passion:
    What excites and energizes you? Is there some cause that stirs you? Is there some injustice that makes you mad? What moves you or agitates you? What is worthy of your energy and commitment?

  • The Environment:
    What is the environment in which you will carry forth your work and who will be at your side? Will you teach meditation in a monastery or a prison (or both)? Do you crave a local community or a global network? As a poet, do you prefer the energy and sounds of a city café, or the breeze and birdcalls of a mountain retreat?

Begin the New Year by searching for a worthy purpose. Ask the right questions – the big questions. If you have found your place in the world, what will you do to make your next contribution? And if you have not, give yourself the time and space to reflect on your life – where you’ve been and where you need to go.

Sometimes it’s a matter of testing the waters. And sometimes it’s about a leap of faith as you dive in and feel the new energy of the water all around you. Don’t be content not doing what you need to do. The world has work for you to do. The biggest risk is not trying something new. The biggest risk is being held back by fear, or apathy.


Gregg Krech will be teaching Living on Purpose, a 30-day online program, on Jan. 8, 2023.  LEARN MORE OR REGISTER HERE.

Gregg is the author of several books, including, The Art of Taking Action: Lessons in Japanese Psychology For more information, contact the ToDo Institute at 802-453-4440 or by email at linda@todoinstitute.org



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  1. Jamie 8 years ago

    This is exactly what I needed to help me get started. I feel overwhelmed when trying to figure out not a single purpose but any. Looking for the perfect single trajectory for my life is heavy and I how I’ve been thinking about it. These building blocks will be a great way for me to sit down and be thoughtful in all the areas to see where there might be intersection. As a full time working mother of two very small kids it’s difficult to take focus away from them but important at the same time. I want them to see me living a purposeful life. I’m not sure where to get started and admittedly nervous that my offerings will be meek but I’m determined. I’ll start there. Thank you for this. Truly.


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