by Gregg Krech


If you are really, really lucky, you will have time today.

Not free time. But the time that’s available between this moment and the moment you are touched by the grace of sleep.

What will you do with that time?


The Moon exerts its force on the tides. What force will you exert on the world today?


Will you smile at a stranger? Will you write one page of your book? Will you darn the hole in the white sock that has languished purposelessly in your sock drawer since last August?

How will you express yourself?


Not just by talking about your feelings – everybody can do that.


What is it only you can do? What unique creativity will you offer the world? Will you write a poem? Sketch the chickadee that visits the feeder? Is there a quilt inside you waiting to be born? Or a piece of wood that dreams of being turned into a bowl every Sunday when the football game starts? Is there a melody or lyric that keeps popping into your mind on the way to work, asking, in vain, to be written on paper as part of your musical legacy?


What would you offer if you were convinced you had something to offer beyond a Facebook post or a half-hearted email?


You are here for a purpose. When was the last time you explored the meaning of your life? When was the last time you acted on a dream that might be part of your human mission? If today is not the day, when is that day? When will it announce itself?


Can you afford to wait until all the ingredients present themselves, neatly aligned on your coffee table – a day with no errands, good health, a rested body, nice weather, clarity of purpose, inner passion, all the money and tools that you need, the support of your family, friends, your Congressman and the Dalai Lama? Can you afford to wait for that day?


What if you knew that day would never come? What if the circumstances you have today are the best you will get? The circumstances of right now? Then what? Then what would you do, what would you give, what would you create?


This is the time to be the Sun, the time to be the Moon. This is the time to be a Force in the Universe.


This day is demanding that you express your true nature. It’s given you everything you need, including Life itself. It’s given you energy. Energy which you can use to resist, or to create.


Look around you. Everything is moving. Everything serves a purpose. Without knowing your purpose, express it today! You received the most extraordinary gift this morning when you woke up! Why would you leave that gift in the box?

Unbox yourself and be a force in this world.

Gregg Krech is the author of several books including his newest book, The Art of Taking Action: Lessons from Japanese Psychology, which has become an Amazon Best Seller. He will be teaching the online course, LIVING ON PURPOSE, which begins January 15, 2015. For more information and registration go to



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