"Purpose-mindedness helps mood-governed clients to pay more attention to their action and the environment, instead of incessantly dwelling on feelings."
-- F. Ishu Ishiyama, Ph.D.


In Vermont we have a fifth season called "Mud Season." It happens between early March and late April when the ground thaws and the snow melts. The fast-melting snow, encouraged by Spring rains, easily overwhelms the slow-thawing earth creating a queue for drainage much worse than the lines at the Motor Vehicle Department. Since many of us rural Vermonters live on dirt roads with dirt driveways, we experience mud in its full glory. And we experience getting stuck in its full glory as well. There's a story about a young man who got his pickup truck stranded in deep mud on a back road. Not wanting to spend the money on a tow truck, he got his friend to come by with his own pickup truck and some chains to try to pull him out. But when you've been stuck in the mud, you learn that mud actually creates...

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