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Gregg Krech sits down with Brett McKay from the Art of Manliness to discuss Morita therapy, the difference between busyness and purposeful action, and self-reflection. See our full post here.

Gregg Krech (the author of “The Art of Taking Action”) joins Zachary to talk about being fully present, Japanese philosophy (and how we can learn a lot from tea ceremonies), overcoming your emotions, the myth of multitasking, momentum & consistency.

Gregg Krech joins Mike Vardy of the Productivityist to discuss practical strategies for integrating ideas from Eastern philosophy with contemporary Western living. See our full post here

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Link to pdf of the 10 questions

Now that we are just about at the half-way point, it can be helpful to pause and consider how the year is going. New Year’s resolutions, goals, ambitions, hopes, lifestyle changes – are you on track? Does your life need a minor course correction? A complete makeover?

Gregg Krech, author of A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness, discusses the reasons we suffer and the four key skills we need to cultivate to cope with life’s challenges. Based on Japanese Psychology and produced by the ToDo Institute.

Join Gregg Krech for an illuminating discussion of the impact of self-focused attention on our emotional and spiritual health and how we can reconnect with our real lives.

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