Why should you attend this event?

  • To Learn
    Attend innovative and stimulating workshops on Relationships, Purpose, Self-Reflection, Spirituality, Taking Action, Chinese Medicine, Mindfulness, Gratitude, Acceptance, A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness and more.
  • To Enrich Your Everyday Life
    Our work provides a bridge between the elegance of eastern psychology and the demands of contemporary western life, allowing the principles to enrich and inspire your everyday life.
  • To Transform Professional Work
    Discover the power, effectiveness and practical applications of Morita Therapy and Naikan for your professional work with others.
  • To Meet Leaders and Innovators
    Develop relationships with leaders, authors and innovators in the field of Japanese Psychology and get answers to your questions.
  • To Connect with Others
    Experience the camaraderie of a rich and welcoming community and develop meaningful friendships with like-minded people.
  • To Have FUN!!
    Have “the time of your life”  with us as we commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the ToDo Institute with music, improv, dance, hiking, haiku and much more . . .
  • To Experience Vermont
    Enjoy the energy and beauty of Burlington’s summer waterfront and watch the sun set over Lake Champlain.
  • To Celebrate
    Join us to celebrate the lives we have been blessed with and the grace by which we live during our 30,000 days.

14 Social Work CEU’s approved for full conference attendance

6 Social Work CEU’s approved for Saturday only attendance



He is the true artist whose life is his material.  Every stroke of the chisel must enter his own flesh and bone and not grate dully on the marble.

– Henry David Thoreau



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Who Will Be Presenting?


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[team_member name=”Gregg Krech, Vermont” designation=”Founder & Director, ToDo Institute” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/gregg-krech-headshot-press.jpg” image_width=”70px”]Author of Naikan and A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness

Topic – “The Curative Power of a Meaningful Life”
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[team_member name=”Carmela Javellana, M.D., Utah” designation=”Founder and Director of The Sanctuary for Healing and Integration” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/carmela-javellana.jpg” image_width=”70px”]
Topic – “Self-reflection, Buddhism and Neuroscience”
[team_member name=”Henry McCann, D.A.O.M., New Jersey” designation=”Doctor of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/henry-mccann2-150×150.jpg” image_width=”70px”]
Topic – “Practicing the Self of No-Self: The Nexus of Spirit-Mind Healing in Asia”
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[team_member name=”Zoe Weil, Maine” designation=”Founder & Director, Institute for Humane Education” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/zoe-weil-.jpg” image_width=”70px”]Author of Most Good, Least Harm

Topic – “Principles for a Good Life and a Better World”
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[team_member name=”Linda Anderson Krech, LICSW, Vermont” designation=”Program Director, ToDo Institute” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/linda-headshot.jpg” image_width=”70px”]Author of Little Dreams Come True: A Practical Guide to Spiritual Parenting

Topic – “Wrestling with the Food Koan”
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[team_member name=”Robert Strayhan, M.D., Texas” designation=”Founder, Serendipity Wellness Center” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/robert-strayhan-150×150.jpg” image_width=”70px”]Holistic and Integrative Psychiatrist

Topic – “Naikan Therapy: Treatment of Social and Emotional Isolation of Depression”
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[team_member name=”James Roberts, LICSW, Kansas” designation=”Marriage and Family Therapist” ” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/james-roberts-150×150.jpg” image_width=”70px”]Author of Deliberate Love: How Couples Can Deepen and Sustain Intimacy with the Mindful Use of Attention

Topic – Beyond Right and Wrong…I Will Meet You There”; Exploring Strategies for Couples in Conflict.
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[team_member name=”Barbara Sarah, LCSW-R, New York” designation=”Founder of Benedictine Hospital Oncology Support Program” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/barbara-sarah2-150×150.jpg” image_width=”70px”]and Director of Third Opinion
Topic –Meaningful Life Therapy: Living Fully With Illness and Dying Well
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[team_member name=”Loraine Rickard-Martin, New York” designation=”International Sanctions Consultant to the UN” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/loraine-rickard-martin-150×150.jpg” image_width=”70px”]

Topic – “Making Peace: A Down-to-Earth Approach”
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[team_member name=”Richard Blonna, Ed.D, M.Ed, New Jersey” designation=”Stress Management Consultant” facebook=”” twitter=”” linkedin=”” blog=”” telephone=”” cellphone=”” email=”” image_url=”http://www.thirtythousanddays.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/09/richard-blonna-150×150.jpg” image_width=”70PX”]Author of Coping with Stress in a Changing World

Topic – “Managing Stress Using Morita and Naikan”


Spaces are limited. Register today!
Rates as low as $270 for full conference or
$99 for Saturday.

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in the world
is usual today.
This is
the first morning.

Come quickly—as soon as
these blossoms open,
they fall.
This world exists
as a sheen of dew on flowers.

– Izumi Shikibu (974 – ?)


Who Will Be Attending?

Individuals who are interested in:
Mindfulness, Zen, Meditation, Stress Management, Coping with Illness, Relationships, Natural Approaches to Healing, Spirituality and Psychology, Buddhism, Eastern Philosophy, Japan, and Chinese Medicine.

Mental Health and Medical Professionals, Educators and others in the helping professions who are interested in:
Alternative Methods of Healing, Innovative Approaches to Psychology, Natural Approaches to Mental Wellness.



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