Residential Certification Program with Gregg Krech: Sept. 24-30, 2023


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The ToDo Institute Residential Certification Program provides our most comprehensive educational opportunity.

Join us for six days of immersive study and practice in Japanese Psychology.  While living together in a community setting, each participant will integrate the principles of Morita Therapy and Naikan into their own unique experience, while also discovering the impact of the work on the community as a whole.

This program draws mental health professionals, educators, and a wide range of practitioners, as well as individuals who are seeking a more rewarding, purposeful, and appreciative life.

The content of this work is challenging, interesting and profound.  The community is filledSandra Roeder with supportive energy.  The days are rich and thought-provoking.  And the environment is filled with nature’s beauty.  

Please join us!




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