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This retreat is limited to five participants. 
Please contact us soon to reserve space.

Please note that we do not have any other Naikan Retreats scheduled for 2018 at this time.

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Most of us live our entire lives without taking time to reflect on how we are living. 

The busyness of our lives is so compelling and ongoing.  We are filled with plans, dreams and projects which keep us engaged and in motion.  All of that activity keeps our lives vibrant and interesting.

But how do we find the time and space for quiet self-reflection, if we want to want to look deeply at how we are living?   How do we press the pause button, so to speak, and reflect clearly on our lives?

A Naikan Retreat provides a rare opportunity, over the course of seven days, to examine your own unique life, using three simple questions as your guide. We will provide you with a quiet space, healthy meals, and a gentle presence as you take a guided tour through your life, discovering important truths you never noticed or have forgotten about along the way.

What you discover, through this very personal and beautiful process, can inform and inspire the rest of your time on earth.


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