Are Your Disappointed with your Progress?

I think Pema Chodron has the best book titles:

When Things Fall Apart
The Wisdom of No Escape

One of my favorites is:

Start Where You Are

It’s just common sense, isn’t it? I mean, where else could you start from?

Are you disappointed with the progress you made so far this year?
I am. I would love to be further along. I’ve actually made good progress on my book, but I’d love to be DONE! I’m a bit disappointed that I didn’t work harder, or longer, or with more focus.

So now what?
Well, I could languish in that feeling of disappointment. For some of you it might be despair. For others, guilt.
Or I could respond to that feeling state by doing something. My feeling of disappointment isn’t an invitation to bathe in that feeling state for the rest of the day/week/year. It’s an invitation to do something. Think about it — the way I change or transform my feeling state isn’t through talk or analysis.

It’s through action.

So I have to Start Where I Am.

I haven’t done this. I haven’t done that. I did this, but it needs some more work. This is where I am. This is where I need to start. And START means to actually do something.

To take action

So if you’re not happy with where you’re at, go someplace else.
Do some constructive work on something that’s important to you.

Aand tomorrow,
“Where You Are” will be different from “Where You Are” today.
Gregg Krech has been teaching Japanese Psychology for 29 years and is the author of The Art of Taking Action: Lessons from Japanese Psychology

Starting April 12, 2017 he will be teaching the online course, Working with Your Attention.

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Gregg Krech

Gregg Krech Author, Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese Art of Self-reflection (2002)| Author, A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness (2004, 2011)| Author, A Finger Pointing to the Moon (2000)| Editor, Thirty Thousand Days: A Journal for Purposeful Living (1993-Present)| Director, ToDo Institute (Vermont) (1992-Pr......



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