A great way to come to closure at the end of a year is to think about what went on during the year and capture the key elements on a poster board (or flip chart paper).  The result is a concise map that captures some of the key elements of the year.  If you have a partner or family, this can be a great exercise for everyone.

First, have each person spend some time privately responding to the prompts listed below. Then get together and capture your items on paper.  You don’t have to answer every item and you may want to add your own ideas.  Just use the following as a starting point.  You can work your answers into linear lists or make creative graphic interweavings – whatever visual style you prefer.

This process can provide a momento of the past year, as well as providing guidance for the year ahead, as you reflect on the choices, priorities and actions you took (and didn’t take).

Reflect on the following items:

  1. Favorite trip or vacation
  2. Memorable moment with each of your family members
  3. Most important accomplishment (personal – professional)
  4. Most important thing left unfinished
  5. Healthiest lifestyle change you made
  6. Most supportive person outside your immediate family and an example of what they did to support you
  7. Favorite gathering (conference, party, etc. . .)
  8. Creative project completed or started
  9. Favorite book you read
  10. Most important contribution you made to someone else’s life
  11. Favorite Song
  12. Biggest regret
  13. Favorite gift you received
  14. Most important thing you learned
  15. Greatest sadness or loss
  16. Something that happened in the world that you find encouraging
  17. Greatest physical accomplishment
  18. Favorite Breakfast
  19. Favorite movie

Add to the list and make it your own.
With best wishes for a Happy New Year!

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