You’re Getting Closer

hitchhike hand

There’s a story about a young man who is hitchhiking to San Diego. He is standing alongside an entrance ramp just outside of Seattle hoping to get a ride. A car pulls up and a well-dressed, middle-aged man rolls down the window. “Where are you headed?” says the driver. “I’m going to San Diego,” says the hitchhiker. “Well, I can take you as far as Los Angeles,” says the driver. With a look of disappointment…

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Now that the weather is warmer, Gregg and I have begun an early morning ritual to start the day in tune with nature  (though as you can see from this photo, some mornings are still quite cold and even a bit snowy.)  We sit on the deck of the teahouse, and simply breathe.  Sitting still.  Being quiet.  Simply breathing.  In this presence meditation, our senses come alive.  Mourning doves call to us.  Aspens sway.  Clouds…

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Giving It All We’ve Got

Monkton Vermont (sometimes referred to as “the middle of nowhere”) is a small rural town in the foothills of the Green Mountains.  Life is usually quite predictable and uneventful here in Monkton, but these days a drama is unfolding right in our midst and at least some of us are pretty darn proud. Half a mile from the ToDo Institute a young woman named Addie sits in a tree, on a platform 30’ above ground. …

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It’s Better for Your Brain to be Working Out, Than Zoning Out

Exercise and Brain infographic

. . As we age we try to find strategies to make life easier. IPhones, GPS, Remote controllers, and Calculators are just a few examples of technologies that make life easier for our minds and bodies. But when we make life easier for our mind, we accelerate the decay of our cognitive skills. The best way to keep our brains sharp (and our bodies) is with exercise and challenge. Instead of looking to make things…

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Your Life Raft

life raft blue

by Gregg Krech     You will not find happiness on the path of Self-preoccupation. You need to abandon that ship. Your life raft is called ATTENTION It will take you to freedom on the sea of CURIOSITY It will open your heart on the ocean of COMPASSION It will connect you with others on the tide of PRESENCE. Where you direct your attention Will determine your experience of life. If all you notice are…

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We Begin Again

Fresh Start Bridge Crossing

  The Parable A senior monk and a young monk were traveling together. At one point, they came to a river with a strong current. As they prepared to cross the river, they saw a beautiful, young woman in a formal gown staring sadly at the stream. The young woman asked the men if they could help her cross to the other side. Both monks had taken vows not to touch a woman. Then, without…

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A Fountain of Musical Joy


I recently took a ride past my old elementary school, during a visit to see my mom on Staten Island. I was surprised that the school looks basically the same, even after all of these many years. I pulled over in front of the concrete school yard, where my friends and I had played out our passion for double-dutch every day during recess.  This school cannot offer a fancy playground or a sprawling sports field,…

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When Things Are Going Smoothly, You Are Likely to Slip

ice eyes

“When Things Are Going Smoothly, You Are Likely to Slip” – Ho Sen Last night I heard the sound of sleet and freezing rain on the metal roof of our house. When I woke up, I walked outside and the ground was covered with ice, virtually every stone on the driveway was encased in a smooth, slippery sheet of ice. Since my daughters had to go to school, I began walking down our 800 foot…

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