The Most Common Human Sacrifice

boy and tire

by Gregg Krech When we find ourselves in circumstances which are unpleasant or disappointing there are two common strategies our mind uses to escape. We idealize the future or we romanticize the past. The first strategy is to think about the future and idealize what our lives might be like down the road. “Once X happens, then I will be happy.” X can be the vision you have of living overseas, or getting the job…

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Use your errands to engage with the world.

Use your errands to engage with the world. by Gregg Krech As you get organized for your day, in the morning, you may begin to make a mental list of things you need to do. Or maybe you make a physical list. Some of what you need to do may involve leaving your home and venturing out into the world. Generally, we don’t look forward to errands in the same way we might look forward…

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To Sit or To Stand — That is the Question

How much of the day do you spend sitting?   You probably sit when eating, for example.  Sitting helps us to relax and savor our food, to eat more slowly and enjoy the experience. Those are good reasons for sitting.  And you obviously sit most of the time when you travel – in cars and flights (and often in airport waiting rooms). And when watching movies or TV.  And when using the computer, right? But given…

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Make Each Encounter Your Final Encounter (and be happy to be wrong)

on the dock

I just returned from spending three days with my 87 year old mother in Chicago. She is dying of cancer and under Hospice care. Given the circumstances, I don’t know if I’ll ever see her again. So I considered this visit as possibly our last. Maybe that’s why it was so enjoyable. There was a gentleness and tenderness in the room with us. There was more listening. There was very little arguing. There was more…

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Who’s Walking Who

child_walking_dog small

You’re on one end of the leash. You’re feelings are on the other end. Who’s walking who? Many of us spend a great deal of our lives responding to our feelings with action or inaction – whatever our feelings might dictate at the moment. If we feel like eating a dessert, we eat dessert even though we are on a strict diet. If we don’t feel like exercising, we stay in and watch TV instead.…

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What Are You Willing to Risk?

Willing to Risk

When callings, dreams, ideas and plans begin to unfold in our minds and hearts we feel the sting of their associated risks. The safe path tempts us with the promise of survival. For animals, survival is often the primary purpose. But as human beings, we yearn for more than survival. We want meaning. We want fulfillment. And that requires RISK. So as you move into the second half of this year, what are you willing…

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“You Are Your Father”


One of the themes that Thich Nhat Hanh addresses with great depth and clarity is that of interdependence.  Given that there are few issues more central to our relationships than this one, his words on this subject are vitally important and always relevant.  They are gems that help us to see through our mistaken sense of separateness. Here, for example, he challenges us to go beyond our superficial understanding of life and our one-dimensional sense…

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How Do You Make Toast?


We all struggle with tricky, sticky problems from time to time. Often we just play around with these problems in our own head — thinking them through, turning them around and inside out, taking them apart and putting them back together — and all too often we end up just where we began. Adding other people to the process doesn’t always help and can, in fact, make the waters even muddier. In this TED talk,…

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