Chef: What Can We Learn About Passion and Purpose?


Movie Review Chef – What Can We Learn About Passion and Purpose? The central character in Chef is Carl (played by John Favreau) – a man who has a passion for cooking. A man who has found his purpose. The problem is that he hasn’t found the right place to carry out that purpose. As the film begins he is the head chef at a posh restaurant where he is at odds with the owner,…

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A Fun Prescription for Staying Youthful


Alright, let’s put our cards, so to speak, on the table. What have you got? I’m out, let’s play again, but I deal this time. Do you make time to play cards now and then with your friends? Do you know where your cards are? Oh, you’re not sure you have a full deck? All the more reason to start playing — cards, chess, checkers, monopoly, any board game . . . just get those…

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Unbox Yourself


by Gregg Krech   If you are really, really lucky, you will have time today. Not free time. But the time that’s available between this moment and the moment you are touched by the grace of sleep. What will you do with that time?   The Moon exerts its force on the tides. What force will you exert on the world today?   Will you smile at a stranger? Will you write one page of…

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Work with the Conditions You Encounter


Janet Lipner had a realization recently. She attended a tree care program and, after getting certified, she helped to plant trees. She commented on all the factors that help a tree grow: depth and circumference of the hole, soil quality, water, etc. But wherever you plant the tree, the tree has to deal with whatever conditions are present in that location. This is really true of any kind of plant, since they cannot move or change their circumstances. But the…

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Just Describe — Don’t Complain

Just describe dont complain2

by Gregg Krech One of the ways we fail to accept what life is presenting us is by complaining about it. We complain about circumstances that unfold, we complain about our bodies, we complain about other people. Here’s an exercise we use in our Mental Wellness course. Limit your complaints to just describing things as they are. So instead of . . . “Hey, who washed my favorite blouse? It shrunk. Now it’s too small.…

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Don’t Just Be In the Audience. Be Creative.

Have an audience

By Gregg Krech Think about how often you are part of an audience. You read books that other people wrote. You watch movies that other people filmed. You watch your kids or grandkids play soccer. You watch sports or sitcoms. You read poems by Mary Oliver. Or listen to an audio book on mindfulness. Everything you’re reading, watching and listening to involved a creative process. A process that probably involved more than one person. You…

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Struggling with Acceptance


This past week I’ve been teaching the Mental Wellness course online and we’ve been working with the theme of Acceptance. Normally we associate Acceptance with passivity – we certainly don’t think of it as related to Taking Action. But it is related. Let me explain. In our course, people discussed things that they can’t accept, or, struggle to accept. Here are some examples: Traumatic problems from the past Your sibling’s behavior Aging Your diagnosis of…

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The Four Skills of Japanese Psychology

Mental Wellness Skills

by Gregg Krech Many of us read a lot of books that provide wise advice about how to live. But when we encounter challenges that push us to the edge, we find it difficult to put that advice into practice. Reading doesn’t help us live better, it just gives us information and ideas. To integrate those ideas into our lives, we have to practice. A Natural Approach to Mental Wellness identifies four skills that are…

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